Water Supply

These two photos indicate a bit of the mayhem created by the section of new water supply pipework around the holiday cottages and to the main house; the collection of pipes which previously supplied us with water was a mish mash of different diameters, materials and depthes which had been added to, altered and haphazardly repaired over the years; some of the supply pipe was laid just below the surface of the driveway a couple of winters ago our mains water supply froze for 2 weeks. Thankfully the supply pipe is now at an appropriate depth. As you can see from the photos it was rather wet when the work took place, adding to the trench-like feel of the place.
The stone building is the 2 bedroomed holiday cottage, to the right you can just see the local hill known as The Dumpling, a quick 20 minute walk up for one of the best views of Loch Lomond.

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