EV update...!

We've just made it even more convenient for guests with super-efficient plug-in hybrid and pure electric vehicles to stay at East Cambusmoon with the addition of another two wall chargers!

As EV owners we really understand the needs of the increasing number of motorists who are driving electric, in particular the ability to simply roll up, plug in, and wake up to a full 'tank' of electrons!

We already installed a 'Type 2' wall charger earlier this year, just in time for our first 'EV guest' who'd travelled 300 miles in their gorgeous BMW i3 all-electric car to stay in the Old Dairy. But with the anticipated increase not just in the number of pure electric vehicles but in their range and ability to fast charge en-route, we look forward to welcoming a lot more long-travelled EV drivers to our low energy cottages and have made charging here as convenient as possible with an additional two chargers.


Both are Type 2 tethered Tesla Wall Chargers, and can simultaneously deliver up to a massive 22kW from our 3-phase power supply for vehicles which can take that charge rate. With one charger being dedicated for Tesla vehicles only (the other being universal), this installation also marks us joining the Tesla Destination Charger network.

Last but not least, and just like the logs to fuel the wood burning stoves during the colder months, unlimited charging is free to guests from all of our charger options summarised below:

  • Type 2 socket (7kW, 1-ph)
  • Type 2 tethered (22kW, 3-ph)
  • Type 2 tethered (22kW, 3-ph, Tesla vehicles only)

Guests don't need to worry about exploring further afield once they're here, as an increasing number of local destinations and visitor attractions are served with Type 2 (7-22kW) fast charge and CHAdeMO (50kW) rapid charge connectors through the Charge Your Car network (mostly free charging via an app or RFID card).

So stay charged and drive electric!

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