Electricity at East Cambusmoon Farm is generated on site from three solar arrays totalling 22kWpk capacity, with excess solar power stored in grid-connected batteries for use at night.

The PV panels produce around two-thirds as much energy as we use at the farm, which includes our own house, the two holiday cottages, an office and outbuildings, and charging for our own and our guests' electric vehicles. When we need to import more power, this comes from a 100% renewable supplier. Any excess power we produce goes back to the grid once the batteries and car(s) are fully charged.

The cottages have been renovated to a very high standard of energy efficiency, being well insulated and draught free. Heating and hot water are provided by a combination of a ground source heat pump and solar thermal panels.

"We have been amazed at how warm the cottages have been."
– The Smiths & The Carruths

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