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We have always been committed to running our smallholding to the highest sustainability principles, so our two holiday cottages are no exception, being designed and built with low energy principles at their heart whilst offering guests superb levels of comfort and amenity.

This is achieved through a combination of careful design to first minimise energy use, then supply what energy is needed through the most appropriate renewable energy means.

Energy Efficiency

Both cottages have achieved 'A' rated Energy Performance Certificates by virtue of their energy efficient design, performance and on-site renewables.

  • Insulation – both cottages use a highly insulated and airtight timber frame structure insulated with dense mineral fibre and wood fibre board to keep the draughts out and the heat in. Insulation is 50% greater than that required by building standards and ensures that even in the coldest winter we can keep the cottages cosy and warm for our guests 24/7.
  • Daylight – we’ve taken advantage of natural light and heat from the sun through large areas of well insulated glazing to the south and east of the buildings.
  • Air quality – the cottages are airtight to keep the draughts out, so a heat recovery system constantly brings fresh air in to the living spaces to maintain a comfortable and healthy internal environment.
  • Appliances and lights – the cottages use energy efficient appliances throughout with LED lighting

These measures combine to provide comfortable living spaces day and night throughout the year, whilst ensuring the cottages use less energy than a small flat.

Heat & Power

  • On-site renewables – our solar PV panels, some installed on the south facing roof of Curlew Cottage, produce over half as much electricity as we need for our home, our EV's, our renewable energy business and the cottages. A battery storage system smooths the peaks and troughs of solar production whilst helping to support the grid by exporting power back at periods of peak demand.
  • Heat and hot water – a ground source heat pump provides both underfloor heating and hot water for both cottages during the cooler months, whilst solar thermal panels provide most of the hot water needs during the summer. Each cottage also has a highly efficient wood burning stove which takes its combustion air supply directly from the outside to avoid draughty chimneys.
  • Wood fuel - all firewood is sourced locally from wind-blown trees or managed woodland. Kindling is cut from 'waste wood' recovered from the demolition of the former buildings on site and construction waste from the cottages.

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