Lambing update...

It's been a busy week so far with four new arrivals on the lambing front to date, and both mums and the two sets of twins are doing well!

The first pair were born around 6am on Tuesday (4th April) morning, whilst the 1st of the second pair entered the world around 7pm the same day. Ewe and lamb were led to a pen in the shed, with lamb feeding and food and water left for her mum.

On checking things were ok later that night at around 11pm, another wee bundle of fluff had appeared in the pen, standing up and happily feeding!

A fresh look

It's almost 5 years since we welcomed our first guests, since when we've been committed to making continuous improvements here at East Cambusmoon Holiday Cottages.

Since opening we've enhanced the landscaping around the cottages, improved WiFi, and are increasingly working with other local tourism, produce and service providers within the National Park to help our visitors get the most out of their stay and our beautiful area.

More recently we've established an online booking system and introduced credit/debit card payments, making it easier to book online from smartphones and tablets. And now we're delighted to go live with our new website, with some fresh content and a new layout making it easier to navigate and book on mobile devices.

We hope you like it!

Lambing time

Our 'mini flock' of Lleyn ewes are almost bursting (!) at the seams, so we're on lambing standby again for the Easter holidays, albeit a week or so later than in 2016. Rearing sheep isn't our 'daytime job' by any stretch of the imagination, but is an incredibly rewarding pastime which keeps the fields in good condition and adds some diversity to our smallholding, yet can be quite a stressful rollercoaster ride at this time of year!

The lambs are 'fattened' here during the spring and summer, then typically sold around November, when the whole process is repeated with the arrival of the tup to 'serve' the same ewes.

Charge your car with the sun!

We've recently boosted our green energy production with a further 60 solar panels on the two 'hangars', so we now produce almost as much electricity as we use over a year at the farm!

Problem is, we don't always need the 23kW of power we can generate on an early afternoon in May, our house and cottages being super-insulated and designed to make the most of the sun through their large windows and hot water heating solar thermal panels. So surplus power goes back to the grid...until now!

Gold Award for Green Tourism

Earlier this year, here at East Cambusmoon Holiday Cottages, we successfully retained our Gold Award from Green Tourism UK, their highest assessment standard. There are 60 rigorous criteria used to assess businesses in this international award scheme and Steve and I perused, studied and fretted over all of them!

No greenwash permitted, the organisation and their assessors really know their stuff. We have always aimed for the highest environmental and sustainable standards for the cottages and we are chuffed to bits to have received the Gold Award (we managed to secure a score of over 90%!) Categories for assessment include energy and water management, transport and travel, nature and culture. Since our assessment we have installed electric vehicle charging points so continuing our endeavours and offering even more to guests.

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