The oriignal Old Dairy arch<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/45/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Rebuilding the stone arch on The Old Dairy<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/41/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Trenches for the heat pump collection pipes<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/40/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Installing the floor insulation in Curlew Cottage<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/42/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Setting out underfloor heating pipes in Curlew Cottage<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/43/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Curlew Cottage timber frame takes shape<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/46/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
Building the roof<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/44/add/#comments">Add comment</a>
External works nearly complete<br/><a href="gallery/about-us/39/add/#comments">Add comment</a>

East Cambusmoon Farm is located in the south of the stunning Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park.

When we bought this place in September 2006 we wanted to build a happy and healthy home for our family in this beautiful part of the world. We also wanted to bring life back to some of the disused, semi-derelict farm buildings whilst retaining the scale, style and materials of the local vernacular.

We love the area in which we live and feel passionately that long term sustainability is key to life and business.

Our own house was the first part of revitalising this steading and the back story of that, with all its ups and downs, can be viewed on our blog. In May 2011 we commenced the renovation work on an old dairy and brick byre to create the two holiday cottages we wish to welcome you to.

As with our own home we have adopted low-energy design, both passively and actively, and employed renewable energy technologies to power the cottages. We believe we have created places of great quality in terms of comfort and design for our guests whilst visiting for the marvellous scenery and activities in the Loch Lomond area.

We look forward to welcoming you.

– Deborah & Steve Macken

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