One of the great joys of hen keeping is having lots of lovely fresh eggs for breakfasts and baking. Last year we reared 10 chicks and since earlier this year the females have been laying. During the cold winter our hens conserved their energy but currently in the long daylight we're getting between 6 and 10 eggs per day. I've always been aware that the eggs produced here are large but hadn't ever investigated what the size categories actually mean. I was prompted to check after Molly came back from collecting the eggs with this super sized offering...

According to Omlet an extra large egg is over 73grams; so you can only feel sorry for one of our poor hens who laid this monster 120grams egg. Yes it had a double yolk and yes it made a very fine and tasty omelette for lunch with a few salad leaves on the side.

The title of this post? F U N E X - well if you're not familiar then may I take you back to the early part of January 1975, I believe, British comedy in the form of the Two Ronnies and their sketch which I remember being about M N X, that'll be ham and eggs.

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